Reese’s New Esoteric Pet Peeve

In an interview with TMZ last week, Reese admitted she is a true believer of tarot and other divination arts. Reese mentioned she’s been relying on fortune tellers and tarot readers since she was 17. The acclaimed actress prefers to keep this part of her life to herself as “I dont want my fans to think I am crazy… but I do believe there is a lot to learn from this ancient art”.

Reese Witherspoon on TV

Reese also admitted that she has consulted with mediums and Chamans in the past, but nowadays, she feeds her vice mostly by visiting free tarot reading sites. “I’ve spent many hours on a site called Lotus Tarot and another one called Llewellyn” It gets my juices flowing, she added.

Why Is Rolex Reese Favorites Brand ?

affordable rolex in miami

Shes always had this amazing style, and this is only thanks to her fabulous rolex

It is said that the name Rolex is actually an abbreviation for “excellence in watchmaking.” In this story luxury brands, in addition to rumors, two things are confirmed unequivocally: precision and quality. Perhaps the name does not tell you much, but surely you’ve heard of Rolex. The history of one of the most recognized names in luxury watchmaking was born but the ambition and flair for business of one man: Hans Wilsdorf. Perseverance sister stubbornness led him to leave the conventional to others and focus instead on innovation and useful. However, at a time when a next step the beaten path meant suicide – social and professional. When they heard of watches, respectable gentlemen laughed and said they would prefer to wear a skirt. Meanwhile, Rolex watches have become true icons of luxury, the role of social status validation. If you are wondering where can I buy a used Rolex, then please be advise that you can get one from dozens of places both online and offline. However, you must first ensure that it’s genuine.

And all because a man stood outside the formal dinners and giggles. Founder, 12 years old orphan Hans was born on March 22, 1881 in the German city of Kulmbach in Franconia region. His parents died in 1893, and he was sent to a boarding school by his uncle. He became a businessman with an eye for identifying opportunities. Young Hans quickly found the ideal formula to reconcile interests – business, travel of the new invention that all eyes turned to parties, wristwatch. He then began his apprenticeship at a firm specializing in exports of watches, with headquarters in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, considered the “mecca” in the world of watches manufacturers. At 24 years old, looking increasingly likely and enthusiasm of youth, Wilsdorf decided to start their own business or watch. Thus, we can now speak of affordable Rolex in Florida.

He was the “shuttle” between London and La Chaux-de-Fonds but, surprisingly, Wildsorf never claimed that it is a manufacturer of clocks and, until the day of died, signed all the documents with the “merchant.” Wilsdorf & Davies company was founded in 1905 in London. in the same year, the company presented the “briefcase” (in English, suitcase) with leather strap. His ambition was to reach Wils-dorf to dominate, with watches, a market which, at that time, was monopolized by pocket watches. At that time, watches were still considered to have “feminine” and addressed exclusively to women. Great watchmaker believed that the object is not sufficiently “masculine”, so I do not try to break these patterns. Some manufacturers aversion to the wristwatch was generated by its size. However, Wilsdorf managed to break this pattern and proved everyone that Rolex watches are not something to be joked with. Be careful; a cheap Rolex for men is not always a genuine one.

Reese Loves Her Flowers Fresh

Reese reportedly loves having fresh flowers delivered in her Sunny Isles Beach Condo at least twice a week. Reports by Sunny Isles Beach based Amazing Flowers Miami. “Reese is one of our best clients”, she loves the look and smell of fresh flowers in her home. According to sources, she orders different varieties every time and there really is no trend behind her flower choices.

“I will not disclose how much she spends on her flower orders, but let’s just say it’s most people’s rent for the month” said Mark Ohara From Amazing Flowers.

Reese is no stranger to living in the lap of luxury and this is just one of those moments where we like to say, wouldn’t it be nice to be rice and famous?

Reese South Florida Condo Listed For Sale at 7.5 Million

According to, a real estate brokerage firm in South Florida, Resse Witherspoon’s luxury condo in Sunny Isles Beach, FL is now for sale for 7.5 Million.

Reese Witherspoon's Condo in Florida

Her Realtor told us Reese is not in a rush to sale. He quoted Reese saying “I don’t want just anyone to buy my house fast, I am looking for the right buyer. Resse invested two and a half million in renovation and decoration, inside the property.

There have already been 2 strong offers made on her property but both have been dismissed by Reese. Her realtor urges anyone interested in buying the property to come with good finances and a “no BS” offer. She isn’t looking to sell immediately and may even consider keeping her property for the next year while she looks for a new pad in the Los Angeles area. The condo is luxurious and has a real southern touch in the decor. Very tasteful architectural elements really make this condo a place for the stars.

Reese Witherspoon’s Florida Home Gets Flooded

After heavy rains tuesday, the superstar’s home in Miami, FL got flooded. Aparently the sewer lines were clogged. Fort Lauderdale based Plumbing Company Super Plumbing LLC responded to the call.

Reese was not in the home at the time the flooding occurred, but one of her housekeepers made the call for help. The flooding occurred mainly on the first floor of the home causing minimal damage. The crews were on her property for over 8 hours last week to repair the damaged sewer pipes.

The estimated damage to the property exceeded well over $100,000 dollars. Trucks from Water Damage restoration experts WaterDamageLLC are have been parked outside her property for the last two days, a neighbor reported.

“Reese is fine and in good spirits about this”, one of her reps stated. “She is already in agreement with her condo insurance; she will not have to pay out of pocket” her public insurance adjuster added.

It is possibly Reese may be trying to sell Florida home as much of the furniture in the property had been removed, an anonymous source claimed. If that is the case, this was probably the best timing for such a horrendous home disaster to occur as the damages could have been much worse.

Reese’s Puppy Gets Her Shots

Today, Reese was spotted with her dog in a veterinary clinic in Deerfield Beach, FL. This was the first time Reese has been to this clinic, one of the vet techs stated. Her dog is a small mixed breed puppy likely getting the necessary puppy prevention shots needed in early life. “It’s so nice to see that Reese is willing to take the extra steps to get her fur babies the proper medical care”, an observer said.

Reese Witherspoon and Her Dog

It was a normal day for most Deerfield residents until Reese stopped by for a short visit. It caused a small bit of commotion among locals trying to get a peak of the celeb and her dog. The emergency vet clinic was on lock down until her appointment concluded. Paparazzis were not far behind.

Reese’s Perfect Smile Gets an Overhaul

Reese was spotted in a dental clinic near Orlando FL. It appears that Reese was looking to improve her pearly whites. Many celebrities are opting for veneers, which seems to be the case for Reese as well. Her smile is legendary so only time will tell ’til we see pictures of her new teeth.

Reese Witherspoon Silver Smile

Speculations have come up that Reese was in an accident causing her to chip a tooth, which motivated her to go through with a smile overhaul. No details are available on the accident, but it likely occurred while she was home. Do we want to see Reese with a brand new smile? Add your comments below!

Check out Reese’s 40K Custom Rolex

Reese's Diamond Embezzled RolexResse just purchased this 40K custom rolex with diamond embezzled dials. No stranger to expensive purchases, this rolex is really a one of a kind piece made especially for Reese. She is known to wear watches to many of her public appearances, and this watch will likely make a showing soon. The rolex is pure 24k gold with 10 diamonds surrounding the dials. The rolex was made exactly to Reese’s specification and was priced at a premium Hollywood rate.

Reese Witherspoon Spotted Online

We all know Reese Witherspoon is the bomb! We dream about her and we would cheat on our wives with her if we had the chance. Well, some lucky guys had the chance to get down and personal with Reese when she was spotted on the popular random video chat site chatroulette. Many celebrities, including the Jonas Brothers have been spotted there. Although it might not exactly count as having an affair, this might be as close and personal as anyone of us will ever get to Reese.

Below is a picture of the Jonas Brother chatting with a girl on Chatroulette. There is no official screenshot of Reese, but 5 different reports confirm she’s been browsing the site.

Jonas Brothers Spotted in Chatroulette